Saturday, August 17, 2013

Look Ma! No bra!

Helloooooooooooo Boob warriors!!!!

I am alive and kicking. Lots of things have happened since we talked last. The most significant is that I have had my double mastectomy.
Totally in the raw!
Puffy Face 
No Makeup
No Boobs

Yep, that's right. The boobs, Invader Zim & PEST have all been eradicated. There was also another lil' bugger (Wanna-be)  that was trying to take up residence in my LEFT breast. He wasn't a full grown cancer yet, but he was on his way. So doing the double mastectomy was a damn good choice.  *grin*

My most awesome surgeon informed me that all the margins were clear. That means that as far as we know there was not even a lil bit of  Zim, PEST or Wanna-be left inside me!

AND they checked the lymph node that would have been first effected by the invaders, and it was TOTALLY CLEAN!!!!  So I am showing no lymph system involvement.

Can I get a HELL YEAH!!!!?

I've only been back on my computer for a day or so. My arms still tire out pretty easily, but it's getting better day by day. Baby steps, right?  I'm up and moving around and even walking around the block. (or to get ice cream at Dee Dee's down the street)  Nothing motivates this girl like a waffle cone of Strawberry Cheese Cake or Chocolate Brownie Chunk Ice Cream. OH YUMMM!

The next phase of all this is --- I go to the plastics doc on Monday and start filling up "the Perky New Ones"!!  I'll update with photos on Monday. I shouldn't be quite so folded and lumpy then.

We still have chemo to tackle. That journey starts on the 29th of this month. That is my first meeting with my oncologist. I'll update you more as I find things out.

As for right now, I'm enjoying running around bra free for the first time since I was about 8! Talk about freedom! OMG! I actually lost 14 pounds!!!! Just think about carrying that around on your chest 24/7.
Better yet, try it. Just get two 5lb leg weights and hang them over your shoulders for an hour and try to get through your day.  I challenge you!

The first time I stood up after surgery I almost fell on my face!!! Balance was DEFINITELY an issue. But I have adapted to it very well and don't really know I managed to get through the day lugging all that around.
Big boobs are definitely overrated!! We are going for a nice average C after the fill up.  :) It will take three or four visits to get there, but I'm very optimistic of the outcome.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has sent cards, emails, and gifts. I love you all and really appreciate knowing you are doing this with me.

I'm working on getting my very first breast cancer t-shirt -- it's based on a card from my lovely cousin, Tiffany Hager-Meyer.  It says:


So now I'm off to try to stay out of trouble....

LOL Yeah right!