The Boob Warriors

 Boob warriors are the amazing friends and family that l call to listen to me laugh, cry, whine, curse, scream and generally be there for me as needed when I just need to lose it for a bit.

I love you each and every one! 

  1. Ken - who is my rock and my love
  2. Casey - Bebe of my heart, what would I ever do without you?
  3. Dace - Bebo of my heart, hug central, kitchen dancing partner and comic relief. 
  4. Kay - I love you girl! Let's get married! ROFLMAO!
  5. Donny P. - Forever friend and keeper of the clarity
  6. Mom & Dad - Love on the phone line :)  Distance is nothing!
  7. Mom Pearce - My other mother - I Love you!

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