Thursday, June 6, 2013

1 little 2 little 3 little chemo treatments...

Weeeeeehooooo!  Somebody make me a sammich! It's been a long day.

We are back from the doc's office at Roswell Park. (Still haven't seen any aliens, Daddy!)
Got all the official news today. So grab your favorite beverage and a snack. I'm about to drop the info.

First of all, I TOTALLY love my doc, Dr. Edge.  Yep, even my freakin boob surgeon is edgy! Oh yeah!! :)  Seriously though. He was totally cool. He spent almost 2 hours going over things and answering questions today. I was totally blown away. No rush through to the next person. He was there and present the entire time. That is what doctors should be. Yay "Dr. Edgy"  LOL  You ROCK!

So does Pat, my Patient Navigator and all around super support person. Not only did she hook me up with some awesome support info, she brought me "Goldfishes!"

 MMH was with me. He was super awesome and asked a lot of questions. He's totally got my back on this!
How lucky am I?  Plus he took me to The Anchor Bar after... bonus points to the MMH!

So here's the way the numbers play out.... ( are you taking notes?)

Invader Zim's stats:

Type: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma with venous involvement
Size: 1.5cm (from ultrasound measurements)
Lymph node spread: clinically negative ( still have another test to run)
Estrogen Receptor: negative
Her2: Equivocal - which means they don't know for sure, but they are doing another test. Likely negative
         though the doc says.
Clinical stage based on current findings - Stage 1
Family history:  sucks! Genetic testing is applicable - we will be testing for BRCA1 & BRCA2

Plan of Attack: 

  1. MRI of breasts to insure no masses were missed ( can you say DRUG ME!! I'm claustrophobic!) 
  2. Lumpectomy & sentinel node testing ( could be followed by more node removal if sentinel positive) 
  3. Test for BRCA1 & BRCA2
  4. While waiting for results start chemo  -- every other week for approx. 5 months
  5. Check BRCA results.  If positive - proceed with double mastectomy and  reconstruction ( Read as  new  perky boobs for me! -- just keeping it positive. ) if negative -- proceed to item 5
  6. radiation therapy - 6 weeks - 5 days a week
  7. Celebrate VICTORY

So.... Boob Warriors, we have a identified the problem & formulated a plan of attack. 
NOW we implement the plan of attack. 

First things first... we are going to do chemo and the hair is going to fall out. I'm ready to enter warrior mode! 

Time to cut the hair!!!

Yep, I'm going to pick out my new "warrior do" and start with the chopping.

The hair goes on MY TERMS. 
  • It is not allowed to fall out when it chooses. 
  • It is NOT allowed to dwindle away falling piece by piece to my floor or into my dinner. 
  • It is NOT allowed to evacuate in clumps on my pillow and make me feel icky about myself. 
  • OH NO! It goes on MY TERMS! 

Locks of Love can't use hair that has been bleached, (my highlights) but we are going to try and and separate them out and send all the underneath hair to them. Hopefully I'll have "in process" photos for you to check out. 

So take one last look at the hair that is mine at the moment,

because tomorrow I'm taking charge and IT'S OUTTA HERE!  

So watch for the "Warrior Hair" post tomorrow. It should be an adventure!

(I'll update the Boob Warriors tomorrow.. I was a bit busy today LOL)  

Love ya all!!!!  


  1. Jess, so darn proud of you and the attack mode on these damn aliens! I can't wait to see your new "do" too! Check and see if Dr. Edgey can get you to an open MRI as it will help immensely with the claustrophbia! Love & light being sent your way! Linda

  2. You are my kinda warrior woman! damn ailiens...OUT I say!!!
    Love and Positivity!

  3. This has been so inspiring to read... You have this! Sounds like your support network is wonderful. Light and blessings your way!

  4. Sounds like you have a great plan of attack to kick butt. Know that you are in our prayers, Cuz. We are here for you.