Monday, June 24, 2013


Breathe in.... Breathe out.....  
Yes, I'm working on my meditation and grounding. 
It keeps me focused.
It keeps me calm.
It keeps me from just freakin screaming some days too :)

So, last we talked I was going for a biopsy on the SECOND invader, "Pest". 
Well, Pest has lived up to his name. 

At this point

As of now, I have the clinical diagnosis (before surgery) of:
Triple Negative Multicentric Invasive Ductal Carcinoma
#1 Mass  - 1.8 cm Grade 3 (Nasty) with Lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate (blood vessel involvement & maybe lymph nodes)  and Necrosis
#2 Mass - .8cm  Grade 1 with tubular features (think tentacles)

This, Boob Warriors, means the battle plan has changed.
There will be no surgery tomorrow.
Instead I will be seeing a genetic counselor to begin testing for the BRCA1/BRCA2 genes
(Think Angelina Jolie)

We will be doing at least a right breast Mastectomy. 
I am considering a double, due to family history and the types of tumors I have.
(Nasty aggressive little buggers)

I will be seeing a plastic surgeon on July 3rd to discuss reconstruction options.

To tell you the truth I'm totally dazed and wish the merry go round would stop
I'm getting a bit dizzy.

So many decisions....

MMH is being a total support hero!
He's awesome and I love him to pieces. 
He has mastered the art of "Just being there"
( which is really hard from him since he's really a knight in shining armor and really wants to just kick this cancers ass and make everything OK, cause that's what he does.) 

He has been able to listen while I ramble
laugh with me when I'm feeling stupid 
hold me when I cry
and just totally be there for me. 
I'm so lucky!

My kiddos are also my supper support.

The Baby Birthing Hippy Chick & Family are awesome.
They are constantly on the phone making sure I (and MMH) are doing OK
They are always there for me/us anytime we need to talk 
They are also EXCELLENT comic relief!
I love you, Casey, Beck & Saw!
& Mogwi & Lila & Rufie too!
(and new yellow and black that are at the new house too) 
You guys ROCK! 

The Boy Child & Girlfriendy are super too.
They are always around to make me smile and had out hugs as needed.
The Boy Child is totally my right hand guy and I don't know what I would do without him.
And wait until you see what Girlfriendy made me!!
OMG!! She made me the most lovely afghan! 

I am soooo lucky to have them all!

So I'm heading out tomorrow and begin the quest again
We will adjust
we will listen
we will learn 


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  1. Sending all the love, white light, and healing energy I can. (((hugs galore)))