Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Hair & A New Hole

OK, well if you've been hanging around you are aware that chemo is going to happen. 
(add sarcastic yay here)
So I went and got my hair cut. NO need to watch the long stuff fall out in my hands, right?  And if it's going to go anyway, why spend the couple of months I have left sweating with long hair. So I decided to go warrior hair! 

Lovely idea... I had an awesome hairstyle picked out.(see above) Total mohawk, really awesome...
But this was NOT what the lady that cut my hair had in mind. Therefore, it is not the cut I got. 
And the payment she had in mind was NOT the payment she got, either. (*insert satisfied evil grin here) 

But all in all I can live with it. It is basically a nice versatile cut that I can play around with and change up. Still shaved on the sides, but just NOT what I asked for. SO I paid for what I got. :)
And I can still spike it up if I want, non-stylist bitch!!!  So there! 8P

Anyway... here's the new cut.  MMH took that picture at the Joan Jett concert. WOOOHOOO!!! 

*Not sure why I was so freakin' puffy that day... but hey.. it happens.. right?  

So anyway.. there is the hair. I'm thinking as it grows back in, I'm going to with the cut that I wanted and keep that a while  :)   We'll see.

So... now for the updates. I had an MRI done of the Boob Twins on the 13th.  Guess what?! 
Invader Zim has a little invader buddy.(Not Gir though.. I LOVES me some Gir!  Weeeeehooo make me a sammich!) I think we will call this one Pest.. anyway, he's tiny, but it's down deep. We didn't see him with the mamo.  

Today, we found the lil' bugger with the ultrasond ( after a LOT of pushing) and stabbed his lil ass! Yep, we got 4 core samples from the biopsy today. The doc was VERY happy with the way it turned out. He put a rush on the pathology report so hopefully we will have it tomorrow when I go in for my surgery consult.

This lil guy was down deep, so he may change our plans a bit. Not sure though. I'll know more tomorrow. 

As of now, surgery for the eradication of of Invader Zim & Pest  is still set for June 25th at 8am.  I'll keep you posted. 

In the mean time:

If you want a great off the wall haircut, make sure the person doing the cutting is tattooed and pierced at least once! 

Moonbeams & Blessings,


  1. Totally rad doo, there Ms. Moonbeam. Could you go to another stylist and get it the way you wanted? Looks like you've still got a leetle bit of length to play with there.

  2. Still a great cut... but LOVE how you paid for what you got. Awesome.

    Anywho... Continuing to follow your battle and send you light and love... and hugs if you're into that. :)